About Us

08 DRESS CODE is a Dream Come True!

My dream to combine my two passions in life: kids and fashion. Driven by my genuine interest in all things beautiful and my thrill of searching and finding amazing new clothes and items for my kid, I decided to turn my passion into a new challenge.

The result is 08 DRESS CODE. A unique online boutique store for babies and kids up to 8 years old with a clear identity;

To become your shopping destination for “small” fashion that is big on style and quality!

08 DRESS CODE loves kids. Is totally inspired by them. Their adventurous and funny spirit, their original and whimsical attitude, as well as their playful imaginative temperament, provide inspiration for great discoveries that stand out from the crowd, addressed to kids with a style of their own.

08 DRESS CODE is a destination where the most fashion-forward, hot and niche labels in the children's fashion universe are brought together, most of which we have the joy and pride to introduce for the very first time in Greece. Each brand selected has its own personality, a different story to tell… but all of them are designed first of all for kids.

You name the DRESS CODE; urban, quirky cool and trendy, edgy, sporty, smart casual, organic, wardrobe basics to something more bohemian, elegant and chic...need to look no further for pieces that mums will love and kids will enjoy to wear because they feel great and allow them to express themselves in style!

All the great discoveries you will find in this boutique store share three basic characteristics:

creativity, practicality and impeccable quality!

At 08 DRESS CODE we have a goal to offer ready-to-wear for babies and kids that is also ready-to-play and ready-to-run. We have invested a lot of time searching for collections where quality and high quality natural, organic materials are combined perfectly with creativity, great design, impeccable cuts and daring graphics.

And 08 DRESS CODE totally loves green!

We are in constant search for the next best organic brand. We are about to dispel the myth that green and stylish are incompatible. This online boutique aims to prove that eco-friendly goods are not boring and unstylish, and that stylish goods don’t have to cost the earth (literally and figuratively)!

Most of the collections in 08 DRESS CODE are from soft organic cotton, supreme quality materials and are the result of productions that are not only ecological but also ethical, promoting fair employee conditions and great ethical causes. Our children are our most precious beings, and as such we want to provide the safest, healthiest option available for them. As a parent I want my kids to wear the coolest t-shirts in the playground, but I also need to know that they are kind to their skin and to the planet as well!!

A favourite brand? There is not one. All brands in this boutique store are favourites and we love every little piece that we choose for 08 DRESS CODE. We are delighted to be able to offer all these exciting brands and stuff we love to you, hoping you will love them too and proudly wear them to your children knowing that you have made a stylish but also safe choice for them!

After all:

Is there anything more fun than fashionable happy kids?

With Love…